As we all know this virus is becoming larger every day. Wet Look Janitorial and Gardening always uses regular disinfectant product with our regular cleaning, however a large number of our clients have been asking for us to perform disinfect only cleaning. We are NOW offering, a special team that will come and disinfect all touch surfaces once, twice a week or even on a daily base.

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We have professional gardeners that take pride in the work they do.
Let Wet Look Janitorial and Gardening Corp. take care of all your outdoor maintenance!
Malls, Office Buildings, Hospitals, Factories, Stores, Residential complexes, Residential home owners. We service most any industry. Call or email today for a quote made for you. We will try our best to better any price of our competitors.
We at Wet Look Janitorial and Gardening Corp.. will maintain your lawn and garden on a daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly or on-call base.

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